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We are an independent, Irish owned and managed private company, dedicated to providing expertise, quality and attention to detail for our global clients, and our purpose built 24 hour bakery and kitchens are located 0.5km from the apron entrance.

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Our menu is designed to help you in selecting a gourmet meal, however our chefs will gladly prepare any dish you or passengers would like to try. We aim to be as flexible as you need us to be. There are a variety of ways you can order with us, for inspiration please see our sample menus below.

US Preclearance Facility

Shannon Airport is the first airport in the world, outside of the Americas, to offer Full US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) preclearance facilities to airlines travelling to the USA. With this new facility your aircraft can land at any airport you choose in the USA. It allows you and your passengers to pre-clear all formalities for US Immigration, Customs and Agriculture. With dedicated facilities for all Commercial, Technical Transit and Business jet operations, your arrival in the USA will be effortless and seamless when you use Shannon Airport.  We source all products such as beef and pork from USFDA approved plants and your order will be supplied with the appropriate certificates and traceability numbers as assurance.

We have developed all of our menus to ensure that all raw materials and ingredients meet with the strict compliance protocols set down by US Customs and Border Protection in order to ensure there is no delay, confusion or confiscation of food items supplied by EFG Inflight to your aircraft.

On each of our menus we have denoted items with the efg symbol which can be ordered when your aircraft is using the US preclearance facility at Shannon.

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